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He is not freaking homophobic!!!!! God this is why I dislike shippers so freaking much! All he said was they don’t act out the show in a way to create destiel. You got all flustered over the fact someone told you your ship is non existent! That isn’t being homophobic that’s the damn truth. It’s not Jensen’s fault you have no ability anymore to see reality and that two non related guys can have a close relationship without having it be romantic or sexual. Seriously what is so wrong with you people that you think brotherhood or being best friends means next to nothing. There is more types of love than romance and sexual and I wish shippers in all fandoms would actually appreciate that friendship is fantastic kind of love.

Not every fan watches the show and sees shipping, some of us appreciate their friendship the actual on screen relationship that IS REAL on the show!

I am sick of peoples crap, stop bad mouthing Jensen you ignorant ass!

Preach 🙏 . Thank god someone said this!!!!

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this is literally the best video on the internet


the fact that this is the jonas brothers in joe’s feather hair days makes my life

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